WHS PROMASTER MK : Master Keying Software






ProMaster Master-Keying 7 is without a doubt, the most comprehensive and easy to use master-key system management tool available anywhere in the world.


ProMaster Master-Keying 7 is powerful, versatile and robust, and has been designed to meet the requirements of lock manufacturers and professional locksmiths worldwide.

Quick and easy to use. Even large master-key systems can be entered quickly with features like predictive key and door numbering and simultaneous key entry, door entry and keying.


ProMaster 7 offers professionally designed reports that are easy to read and understand and have logical and consistent layouts. You store permanent records of everything to do with the master-key system.


ProMaster 7 offers reports including:


  • Key reports (options to include and combination of door, keying, stamping and issue details).
  • Door reports (options to include any combination of keying, stamping, lock and cylinder details), and the option of a unique keying matrix report to show the keying relationships.
  • Matrix style reports (Keying Matrix and Key Signatory Authority Matrix) have been enhanced to print to PDF format so they may be emailed.
  • Key & Door History Report for printing Key & Door History. Job Summary Report within job manufacturing to show a summary of the job.
  • Hierarchy report for master-key system structure overview.
  • Easy to read pinning charts
  • Easy to read key cutting charts
  • Signature authority forms, order forms, system details forms.
  • Job confirmation reports where you can get your client to sign as confirmation.
  • Systems without signatories report which shows systems that do not have signatories or have insufficient signatories.
  • And many others

ProMaster 7 also allows you to export various reports to standard file formats such as PDF (Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format). This makes emailing the report to your clients a simple task, you can be guaranteed they'll be able to read them clearly.


ProMaster 7 offers great flexibility for coding your master-key systems.

ProMaster 7 offers unique calculation algorithms that will automatically assign the codes for complex master-key systems, and guarantee that they are phantom (ghost key) free. ProMaster 7 can design many different types of master-key systems including all standard inline types as well as BiLock, Kaba, Medeco, Abloy and others.

ProMaster 7 supports automatic generation of codes, or allows you to manually select toe coding for your system using 2 different methods.

  • The matrix method, designed for coding large and complicated selective key systems
  • Tree based coding for standard hierarchical systems

ProMaster 7 has an array of clever features; used in both automatic and manual code assignment. These include background phantom checking, auto key head colour assignment, a wide variety of display options for flexibility in the layout of key codes and powerful assistants to guide you through complex tasks.

ProMaster 7 allows you to modify many aspects of the design of systems easily. For example, you may want to adjust the number of chambers or pins, and other rules regarding the coding of your key system.

Of course multi-profile and rotating constants are fully supported.


Key Machines

ProMaster 7 will download directly to all Silca Unocode, QuattroCode machines, ITL machines, Leonardo, Orion ECM200, Ilco UltraCode and the HPC CodeMax. Keys can also be stamped on the Silca Key Marker, with support for multiple models included.

Create Systems From An Excel Spreadsheet

ProMaster 7 introduces functionality to create a system from information that your customer has entered into an Excel spreadsheet. An empty spreadsheet template is installed with ProMaster 7 into a subfolder called ýSampleý.

If your customer knows what they want, simply give them a copy of the spreadsheet and have them enter the doors, keys and keying. ProMaster will read the spreadsheet, creating the system for you with almost no data entry on your part! The spreadsheet even includes comments to help your customer complete it.

Rapid System Creation From Key Hierarchy

The new system hierarchy wizard steps you through entering client and system details, then you specify the hierarchy of your system, how you want keys numbered, how you want doors numbered, how many of each you want to create and how many of each you want to order.

When you're done, choose Finish and in a short span of time the whole system is created.

Manufacturing Jobs

Sending Manufacturing Information To PDA Devices - How much time have you spent on the phone or RT to get key codes and pinning information to one of your staff on the road?

With ProMaster 7 you can email key codes and pinning information to the locksmith on the road so it can be read on a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant or Pocket PC). If you set each PDA up as a factory and enter their email addresses then when you manufacture a job it's all ready to go.


ProMaster 7 allows even the largest organisations to secure their master-key system data. The administrator can set-up security access for each user, with complete control over all functions.

Control who can create systems, modify them, code them, place orders, generate reports etc. Sometimes you just don't want everyone having access to a system.

In ProMaster 7 you can define security categories, and use these to control which users may open each system. If you don't set any security categories for a system then all your trusted staff can open the system just like they always have.


ProMaster 7 will run on local or wide area networks (LAN or WAN), and can support multiple (even hundreds) of users at once - even allowing multiple users to be working at the same time on the same master-key system.

Build High Quality Systems (without losing sleep)

Using ProMaster 7 means you can guarantee that all your master-key systems will be free from phantom (ghost) keys, and that you will have the best design possible.