MA SFW123TTC : Extra Large Digital Alarm Safe



The SentrySafe Alarm Safe is equipped with a loud audible alarm that alerts you to
attempted break in.  Made in the USA, it's built tough to withstand a fire for up to
an hour, stand up to flood and storm damage and stay intact after a 1-story fall.
It's protect that provides peace from all of life's perils.

Exterior: 45.3cm x 41.5cm x 49.1cm
Interior: 34.9cm x 31.9cm x 30.2cm
Capacity: 34.8 litres
Weight: 40kg



  • Fire protection (1 hour at 927oC)
  • Verified to withstand a 5m drop during a fire and stay closed
  • Verified water protection up to 20cm for 24 hours
  • Loud alarm that activates in the event of unauthorised access
  • Digital lock with hidden key pad lights when touched
  • Multi position tray helps organise your safe
  • Door pocket and key rack provide quick access to frequently needed items
  • May be bolted down to prevent unauthorised removal (hardware included)
  • Interior lighting for easy access in dark spaces